New & Eco Build

New & Eco Build

Tuakana can deliver a new property to your exact design creating an individual home with full NHBC or CRL warranty. We have the skills to manage both modern and traditional properties, commercial and domestic.

‘Eco’ and ‘Green’ building has become very fashionable over the last couple of decades but there really are many variants to this genre. Anything that improves the quality of housing and reduces the impact of our homes on the environment we feel is a good thing. Code for sustainable homes has now been ditched but elements of its purpose have been maintained by Building Control. Insulation and air tightness of properties continues to increase which is good for your pocket as it reduces wasted energy. Renewable energy products vary from air and ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers to the most common and probably the quickest financial return Photovoltaic Solar panels.

We have carried out a very interesting project which sought to construct a large extension plus remodel a Victorian New Forest Cottage without using any products containing VOC’s. Quite a challenge and it really made us things about the everyday products around us!

If you are considering a new property or project please contact us today for a competitive free quote.

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